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What is Reel Grrls?
Reel Grrls is an award-winning non-profit media arts and leadership training program for girls ages 9 – 19. Reel Grrls envisions a world in which women and girls have leadership roles in creating media and are represented behind and in front of the camera. Learn more >

Lights, Camera, Reel Grrls! Animation Intensive >
Media Arts: All Ages Performance + Video >
Animate Your Imagination Crash Course >
Apprenticeship: Editing Intensive >
Women Make Media >
Lights, Camera, Reel Grrls! 2013 >

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Featured video

While We're Asleep
A short documentary where kids are the experts in explaining and exploring the world of dreams.

Produced by Emma Marmor, Summer Mathews, Kate Nilsen, and Danny Tayara during Reel Grrls' 2011 - 12 Thesis program.

Girl With the Birds >
In this Lightbox animation, a girl encounters a particularly extraordinary bird. 2010

How to Fight Corporate Media >
Learn the 3 simple steps it takes to fight corporate media ownership! 2011

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Generation of Consolidation
Explore the impact of media consolidation on news content and how this affects youth in this award-winning video.
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