Reel Grrls relies on the support and commitment of phenomenal adult women volunteers who mentor, train, and learn alongside our participants. We value mentors with a variety of backgrounds and skills to share: the main requirement is a commitment to empowering young women through media production. In exchange for their hard work, mentors gain access to Reel Grrls video equipment and the opportunity to network with other Seattle-based filmmakers, artists, activists, and educators.

We're looking for:

Program Mentors:

Mentors are at the core of Reel Grrls programming. We welcome Mentors with a wide variety of skills and experience, including specialized filmmaking skills such as cinematography, lighting, audio, editing, but also in youth development, media literacy, women's studies and media arts. Mentors are required to be available to work for the duration of a program because of the close relationship with youth.

All Program Mentors must complete Mentor training and a background check before being able to Mentor for a program. Mentors work on a volunteer basis and are not compensated except on a case-by-case basis to be determined with staff.

Interested in mentoring?  Fill out the application here!

Production Mentors (RGP):

Production Mentors are experienced video professionals with specialized production skills, such as field audio recording, cinematography, video editing, animation, and motion graphics. Production Mentors work on crews with youth apprentices to produce videos for Reel Grrls Productions (RGP) clients.

All Production Mentors must complete Mentor training and a background check before being able to Mentor for a project. Production Mentors are compensated as independent contractors at rates to be determined by Reel Grrls staff.

Interested in mentoring with Reel Grrls Productions?  Fill out the application here!


All new Mentors must attend Mentor Camp. Mentor Camp covers Reel Grrls' philosophy, policies, and best practices for working with youth.

We do not have any 2014-15 Mentor Camps scheduled at this time, but applicants will be contacted with training dates as soon as they are scheduled.


Experienced media professionals with expertise in any of the following skills: music composition, motion graphics, scriptwriting, advanced editing, sound design, advanced lighting, digital cameras. Scheduling flexible.

Interested? Drop us a line at info@reelgrrls.org.


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