Reel Grrls Board

Jennifer Geist


Jennifer Geist joined the Reel Grrls Board in 2009, a few years after her daughter completed Reel Grrls' award-winning video production program, Lights, Camera, Reel Grrls!. She had an outstanding experience working on a team, crafting a story, and creating an experience for their audience. Jennifer has worked in the education field for 20 years, as a language teacher, curriculum writer, and media arts coach, all with a focus on globalizing classrooms by using these tools to bring international perspectives to our thinking. Language and multimedia connects our students to the world, and the world to them. Zeitgeist Creations is her consulting company, and she works mostly in Latin America and the Middle East. Her favorite part of being on the Reel Grrls board is the vision of the staff, mentors and students working it all through, tackling the struggle, and all with such mutual respect and admiration. Reel Grrls is the best of humanity, it is high quality education, and she feels lucky to be a part of it. Some women she admires are Allison Warren, Chavela Vargas and after the Democratic National Convention on September 4, 2012 – Michelle Obama. A favorite film of hers is Benny and Joon, and her favorite director is Jane Campion.

Christina Levy

Vice President

Christina Levy joined the Reel Grrls Board in 2012 after her daughter Julia spent 4 years as a Reel Grrl. Being a pre-school dropout was a sign that Christina's life would be unconventional. Finishing high school, then bumming around for several years, she met her soul mate of 23 years at a supermarket in Boston's Back Bay. Two girls later, Microsoft called and the family relocated in '97 from Boston to Woodinville. Christina chose the unconventional route to home school her girls, wanting to raise strong and self-determined young woman. It sounds good, but honestly, she wanted to experience life with them on their own terms.

Michael Herschensohn


Michael Herschensohn is the former executive director of Seattle’s Museum of History and Industry, Northwest Folklife Festival and The Children’s Museum. He is currently the President of the Queen Anne Historical Society and has extensive experience serving on non-profit boards, including Historic Seattle and Committee for Children.

Michael received a PhD in Romance Languages and Literatures from the University of Pennsylvania and an MA in Historic Preservation Planning from Cornell.

Mandy Hubbard


Mandy Hubbard is an educator, musician and filmmaker who received her BS in Education from New York University, a Masters of Education from the University of Washington, and has worked for over ten years in a variety of educational settings, including public and private schools as well as a variety of youth development organizations. As a filmmaker, she has won numerous awards for her work on documentary shorts with the Union Street Films Collective, including Best Picture in the 2008 International Documentary Challenge as a co-director.


Cori Ready is an event designer, scene maker and entrepreneurial community builder who has managed campaigns turning out superior product with attention paid to the smallest of details for clients like Vulcan, Zaaz, PopCap Games, Forest City, Publicis, Maveron, EMP, KEXP and more. Specializing in strategic partnerships, Cori had the ability to lead or direct cross-functional teams across multiple geographical locations in experiential marketing campaigns and execute events for up to 25,000 people. An expert public speaker, she provides turn-key solutions for ideation to execution. A fast-thinker fluent in innovation, Cori cost effectively and efficiently utilizes heterogeneous resources with every project. In addition to RG, she also is a bard member for Seattle Design Foundation, member of the Seattle Parks Foundation Communications Committee, and a member of ARCADE Magazine Special Events Committee. Cori was named Best Event Planner by Seattle Metropolitan Magazine in 2008 and Best Entrepreneur by CRAVE in 2008. Three women she admires are Angela Davis, Michelle Obama and Marina Abramovic. Her favorite films are Shadows by John Cassavetes and Naked Spaces Living is Round by Trinh T. Minh-ha.

Amanda Ballantyne

Amanda Ballantyne joined the Reel Grrls board in 2012. She is a recent graduate of University of Washington School of Law where she focused on labor and employment law. She now works on labor law and policy issues for SEIU Healthcare 775NW, a large local labor union that represents home care and nursing home workers. Amanda has a long history as an activist and organizer on social and economic justice issues, including her national work for the media policy organization Free Press, where she spent several years organizing future of media town hall meetings across the country. Amanda's work with Reel Grrls focuses on ensuring that Reel Grrls is one of the best nonprofits to work for in the city. Three women that influence and inspire her are her mother, her grandmother, and her aunt, Annie. Her favorite film is The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and though she doesn’t have a favorite director, she does love films.


Megan Gaiser is the former CEO of Her Interactive. Megan has been named one of the "Game Industry's 100 Most Influential Women" by Next Generation and "Top 10 Most Influential Women of the Decade" by Gaming Angels. She also received the 2010 Microsoft Women in Games award and the 2011 IndieCade Honorary Trailblazer Award for Lifetime Achievement. Prior to Her Interactive in 1997, Ms. Gaiser spent 11 years producing award-winning film documentaries, winning many awards, including 15 Cine Golden Eagle awards, three New York festival awards, and the International Documentary Milano Award. Megan believes that Reel Grrls is at the brink of digital media growth to inspire girls to find their voice and lead. She is committed to providing her expertise and guidance to this exciting mission.

Joanne Ort

Joanne Ort is a Certified Public Accountant and manages her own practice in downtown Seattle. Born and raised in the Seattle area, Joanne received her Master's degree in Accounting and Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the University of Washington. She has over 15 years of experience providing business consulting, accounting, and tax services to closely held businesses and individuals. Joanne is a member of the Washington Society of Certified Public Accountants.